Community Based Training Programme

The Elevate Capacity Building Team will deliver four practical and interactive Programmes in each HSC Trust area.  Each Programme will cover topics such as community development principles in action, health inequalities in a regional and local context, practical examples of action across the social determinants, and how to know if your work makes a difference.

You do not have to be a community development practitioner or a health professional to access this training – it is suitable for volunteers, paid workers and professionals from health, housing, education, environment, welfare and local government.

Portal Based Training Programme

The Elevate Portal will provide ongoing opportunities to access training on particular topics such as: the national occupational standards for community development, the social determinants of health, addressing social injustices and asset mapping. This training support will be provided through webinars and other interactive media.

If you are an experienced worker, new to this area of work or simply an interested individual, there will be something here for you.


Training Dates

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Online Training

Online training courses for developing capacity.