What is Elevate?

Elevate is a programme of support for the community, voluntary and public sectors. It provides opportunities for the development of skills, knowledge and expertise in community development as a way to tackle health inequalities.

The Programme has four core elements:

  1. The Elevate Portal – providing core information, fact sheets, resources, toolkits and training opportunities.
  2. The Elevate Training Programme – relevant, accessible, evidence based and delivered in each HSC Trust area.
  3. The Elevate Community Mentorship Programme – promoting collaboration and network development.
  4. The Community Development Outcomes Framework – which is being tested and refined within communities across Northern Ireland.

The Elevate Programme is providing invaluable opportunities to gain skills and knowledge, to network and build connections and to better understand how and why issues such as social justice, the distribution of money, power and resources and education, housing and the environment have a huge impact on our ability to experience the best possible health and wellbeing.

The Elevate Model

The Elevate model outlines the work which is being carried out across each Trust area.

Who’s Involved?

Learn about the organisations delivering the Elevate Community Development Capacity Building Programme.

Meet the Elevate Team

We're delighted to have fantastic staff members who are delivering the programme with enthusiasm.


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