Brain Injury Foundation (BIF)

Brain Injury Foundation is a support group for brain injury survivors and their families and carers. It was launched by a group of survivors, carers and volunteers in August 2012 and has members from Newry and Mourne, Armagh, Banbridge and Dungannon. BIF supports people with all forms of brain injuries including strokes and differs from many charities in that it is service user led. Many of the services offered by BIF are delivered in part or completely by brain injury survivors or carers.

Mentor: Bolster

The Foundation’s whole focus is on addressing social isolation among both survivors and carers. They gained support from the Elevate programme in order to expand their services wider into the Armagh, Craigavon and Dungannon areas. The mentor worked with BIF to engage with the local community, develop volunteering skills and relevant information resources as well as a plan for sharing the impact of their work across NI.